Pro Patch — Rapid Hardening Concrete Patches Product

This is a permanent filler and bonding agent formulated to be ten times stronger than the concrete itself. It maintains thirty five thousand pounds per square inch. We’ve adjusted it with a special additive so it is unaffected by seasonal or temperature changes. It’s also impervious to acids and alkalines, so it won’t pop out or lift out of a repaired area. It’s simple to work with, all you do is mix the two parts together and trowel it right on. The beauty of the material is that it can be feather edged to a sixteenth of an inch to a half foot in depth, so it’s not only good for hair line cracks and fractures but also great for large pitted areas and anchoring heavy machinery to floors. It expands and contracts with extreme hot and cold temperature changes, and it dries quickly so you don’t have to rope off an area for an extended period of time. So what you have is something not only permanent in nature and heavy duty but something your own people can use.

How to Use:

Clean the surfaces of loose aggregate, dirt, grease, and oil. (For the best results, heavy grease and embedded oil should be removed with a cleaner/degreaser.) Allow it to dry thoroughly. Remove a gallon can of resin and pour all of the powdered material onto a clean cardboard. Pour all of the resin back into the shipping container and add the powdered material slowly, mixing constantly. For the best results, use a low-speed electric drill.

Polyester Patch Features:

  • Polyester Patch Is a Unique and Complete Pre-Mired Polyester Mortar
  • Usage Is Simple, Even Under the Most Extreme Conditions
  • When Mixed, Polyester Patch Provides a High-Strength Patching Mortar, Which Can Be Feather-Edged
  • Polyester Patch May Be Used in Areas with Wide Temperature Ranges
  • Polyester Patch Will Cure and Set to a Molecular Bond in 25 Minutes at -32°F
  • Polyester Patch Will Cure and Set in 15 Minutes at Temperatures Exceeding 32°F
  • Complete with Aggregate — Nothing Else to Mix
  • Easy to Apply and Gives Professional Results

*This information applies to the short pot life of the material, which is approximately 15 to 20 minutes after mixing or when it's in the liquid state.

*Recommendations for the use of this product are based on reliable tests. There is no implied guarantee of results where conditions are beyond our control. Under no circumstances or conditions, either expressed or implied, will the manufacturer be liable for damages in excess of the purchase price of this product.

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