Pro Trak — Non-Slip/Non-Skid Coating Product

Pro Trak non-skid coating is a new, one component epoxy used to coat all of your hard surfaces with a low-profile grit. This allows for safe-walking traction on concrete, tile, metal, catwalks, and wood — indoors as well as outdoors. It's simple to work with, and it comes premixed and ready to go. Contact Atlas Chemical, LLC in South Carolina, to order your supply of Pro Trak to help keep surfaces slip-free.

Easy to Apply and Dries Quickly

With Pro Trak non-skid coating, all you have to do is roll it on like paint by spreading a thin, uniform coat over the area with a paintbrush or lamb's wool applicator. It expands and contracts since extreme hot and cold temperatures have no effect on it. It's also great for expansion joints since it can stand up to the heaviest vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Acids and alkalines have no effect on it either. In fact, it's permanent in nature, so there's no preventative maintenance. Pro Trak non-skid coating dries in 90 minutes, so you don't have to rope off an area for any long period of time.