Top Quality Ice & Snow Melting Pellets

Keep your paved areas clear of snow and ice throughout the wintry months. Atlas Chemical, LLC offers snow and ice melting pellets. These fast-acting pellets are very effective at melting the thickest of snow and ice. In fact, they melt 50 times their weight in water.

If you're in need of a product that will quickly melt the snow and ice away, try our pellets; you won't be disappointed. We offer these pellets to customers nationwide.

Snow Plow - Ice & Snow Melting Pellet Supplier
Don't wait until it's too late!

Long Active Time

Our noncorrosive snow and ice melting pellets remain active for 48 hours, even in temperatures of 60 below zero. When they hit the snow and ice, they melt into a concentrated antifreeze — they don't need the sun to activate them.

No Damage to Outdoor Surfaces

These pellets are absolutely noncorrosive to concrete, asphalt, and brick, and the liquid run-off contains an organic fertilizer that won't burn your grass or shrubbery. Also, they won't leave that unsightly white residue behind from calcium chloride and rock salt, so you don't have to worry about your floors getting damaged.

These ice pellets melt 50 times their weight in water.